The Eyes of a Righteous Convert to Judaism

May Hashem help us merit to bring converts close, learn from them, and to gain perspective from them and based on our own past while constantly growing to new levels in our service of Hashem.‍

A Realistic View of the Ups & Downs of Your New Business

Let's remove our rose-colored sunglasses and take an honest look at what we can really expect in the first five years of our fabulous new business: peaks and valleys like riding a roller-coaster at six flags.

Document Review in English by Americans for Americans

Again, the solution is: Outsource to Israel. Israel is unique in that it possesses a huge pool of American attorneys who graduated from U.S. law schools and worked many years at American law firms. Many of these lawyers left their successful law careers to move to Israel for personal reasons. These same attorneys are experienced at document review and other legal tasks and will deliver excellent legal services at an amazing rate.