To start anew with a clean slate — an expunged record, contact an experienced criminal appellate attorney. Although a misdemeanor crime such as a citation for carrying a dime bag of pot can often be expunged easily, more significant criminal convictions such as felonies require assistance from a criminal lawyer.

Five Reply Brief Tactics for the Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Criminal appellate reply briefs are optional, however they are recommended so that the respondent's uncontested arguments do not take hold as the last word. Every good criminal lawyer needs to have the last word in any argument. The Reply brief can be extremely important for sealing your arguments for a favorable view. Here are five tactics to help a criminal appellate lawyer's reply brief be an effective one.

DUI of Marijuana is Difficult to Prove

Prosecutors and police officers do not have field sobriety tests and they don't have any kind of chemical test devices to prove DUI of marijuana — so how do they prove it?