Legalized It...Now, Breathalyze It

Alcohol is legal, but driving while drunk is illegal. Now, pot is legal in many places, but driving while high is illegal. A significant difference between booze and pot arises when law enforcement want to measure if an erratic driver is under the influence — currently there is no approved cannabis breathalyzer.

Watching Felipe Rodriguez Get Out of Jail Free is Why Criminal Appellate Lawyers Do the Things We Do

Criminal appellate lawyers focus on fighting for innocence and demanding the protections afforded by our constitution. When we see someone like Felipe Rodriguez hug his son in celebration of his freedom, we know we are doing the right thing.

Crazy Misdemeanors that Put You in Jail

Misdemeanors make up 80% of the criminal dockets in the 50 states. But there are some really ridiculous laws out there that could put you behind bars if you are not careful.