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Appellate Opening Brief

Researching and writing appellate briefs can be complex assignments requiring significant amounts of experience and skill.  Usually, such projects are outsourced to legal service providers in the U.S. Now, Aluf Legal Outsourcing, with its dynamic team of American attorneys who graduated from U.S. law school and worked in U.S. law firms, will research and write your appellate briefs. And we can do this at a cost far below your standard American rates.


Law firms specializing in traffic ticket, personal injury, criminal and employment law often compete for clients through eye-catching websites with engaging blogs. Outsource your law web content to Aluf Legal Outsourcing! Our team of American attorneys possesses the unique combination of knowledge of U.S. law, familiarity with American culture and superior SEO writing skills.

Now, Jonathan and Aluf Legal Outsourcing bring these two services to you:

Writing criminal appellate briefs

Producing law blog content for U.S. law firms

We also deliver general legal services
such as drafting contracts, document review and legal research