Led by Jonathan Easton, Aluf Legal Outsourcing is a team of American attorneys living in Israel and providing you with expert legal services at a cost far below your standard American rates. While in the middle of successful law careers in some of the leading firms, we moved to Israel for personal reasons. We possess extensive backgrounds in criminal law, appellate brief writing, litigation, content writing and even blogging. We also have IP, PI, and family law experience.

Now we want you to leverage our talent
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Jonathan Easton grew up in St. Louis, Missouri idolizing Lou Brock and frequenting St. Louis Cardinals baseball games. After law school, he was an innovative civil rights lawyer managing cutting-edge racial discrimination testing programs in Boston and Dallas. After moving to Israel, Jonathan worked for all of the legal outsourcing to Israel outfits and drafted corporate contracts for a dynamic business venture. In recent years, Jonathan has been producing content for U.S law firms' websites and writing criminal appellate briefs for a lawyer in Southern California.

Now, Jonathan and Aluf Legal Outsourcing bring these two services to you:

Writing criminal appellate briefs

Producing law blog content for U.S. law firms